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Creating Community with Purpose

Creating Community Consulting values responsibility as a core tenet of how we work. This extends to all areas of our business, from shifting power dynamics through facilitation to who we hire for subcontracting to waste reduction at community events. We recognize that sustainability is a moving target and that perfectionism is not realistic. As such, the ways that social, environmental, and economic sustainability manifest in our work will likely evolve as we come across new information and study best practices. If you have ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Read more below to dig into all the ways that we’re working to set a positive example and hold ourselves accountable for responsible internal and external business policies.



A healthy community is a sustainable community, and communities can’t be sustainable without equity. Creating Community Consulting shows up authentically and focuses on investing our time on non-transactional projects that will positively add value to community change. We are committed to equitable power distribution and voice, seeing inclusion as a practice as opposed to a fixed point in which success is achieved. We align with organizations serving, and led by, underrepresented populations. Our commitment to social responsibility extends to our employees and fostering a culture of self-care and empowerment so that wellness becomes an extension of who we are instead of a box to be checked. 


Environmental sustainability touches on most of the projects we work on. Whether focusing on a project related to food systems development or facilitating community conversations, we are often directly and indirectly working towards positive environmental change. The nature of our remote work allows for reduced commute times, and the associated CO2 emissions. We strive to only print what we need, saving on paper use, and work to ensure that community events also have proper waste management plans in place to reduce food and other waste.  



Economic sustainability is imperative for Creating Community Consulting’s existence and continued growth. We strive to produce high quality work and host a culture of inclusion, fairness, and transparency. This requires being disciplined in our quality of work, high retention of existing partners, and strategically diversifying our partner ecosystem.We also work with clients to build economic and strategic sustainability of projects, initiatives, and organizations.  

Creating Community Consulting is committed to providing a living wage for all of its employees and subcontractors. This is reflected in the rates that we charge, which operate on a sliding scale based on the size of the organization and their budget.

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