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Our Services

We’re excited to learn about your project, meet you where you’re at, and bring creative problem-solving to the table. 

We are...

We are catalysts for creating hope within communities.
We build trust through inclusion, life experience, active listening, cultural responsiveness, respect, and accountability.
We lead by passion and inspire by doing things differently.

We believe...

We believe individuals and communities have the knowledge to create solutions. 
We believe in a working model that embraces physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom. 
We believe in equity for all people.

Being rooted in community means...

  • Empowered people lead

  • Inclusion promotes trust

  • Integrity drives our moral compass

  • Transparency fosters accountability

  • Infusion of joy into the hard work matters

  • And authentic empathy allows us to hold safe space

These collective values drive our commitment to equity and inform our approach to the services we provide, tailored to your project and community’s unique needs. We’re proud to bring an out-of-the-box approach that provides the freedom and flexibility to bring your vision to life.


Nancy Carrivau, Creating a Hunger Free ND

"Working with Megan was wonderful over the last 6 months or so to help lead our statewide hunger coalition through it's first RBA process. This was very new for our coalition, and Megan did a wonderful job of building trust, making the material approachable, and helped create a strong foundation for this coalition moving forward."

Our Offerings

Community Strategic Planning

RBA Facilitation, Consensus Building, Inclusive Planning

Board & Staff Retreats and Coaching 

Retreats, Board Development, Executive Training, Staff Trainings

Marketing & Storytelling

Market research, communications & engagement strategy design, copywriting, branding

Motivational & Public Speaking

 Keynotes for conferences, demonstrated best practiced, lived experience

Organizational Strategic Planning

RBA Facilitation, Organizational Development, Program Evaluation

Capacity Building

Grant Writing, Data Development and Analysis


Written and live; English/Spanish

Grant Seeking + Writing

Search for and write grant applications for your organization or initiative.

Sound like a good fit for what you’re looking for? 
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