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Racial Equity Statement

Creating Community Consulting recognizes that low-income communities, and especially communities of color, are most affected by environmental impacts, policy and systems of oppression.


If we are to contribute to improving wellbeing through a more sustainable and just world for all, we need to amplify the voices, ideas, and solutions of people from the most vulnerable communities.  

In order to do this successfully, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice must be at the core of our work.  We recognize that the knowledge and experiences of the most affected communities are essential to solving the issues that we all face. However, many of the sectors that our work touches have historically excluded marginalized groups, particularly people of color.

As part of our commitment to being a thought leader we commit to advancing racial justice in our work. We strive to create a more sustainable and healthy world for all people across race, class, gender, geography, and other differences. We acknowledge that incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our practices is an ongoing learning process. We consider this to be a living document, and we welcome and encourage feedback.

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