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Awards & Recognition

At Creating Community Consulting, we’re driven by a shared goal: Providing equity-focused, data-driven, results-based organizational & community change. We believe that individuals and communities have the knowledge to create solutions. We believe in a working model that embraces physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom. And we believe in equity for all people.


These accomplishments reflect the dedication and passion of our team and commitment we have to fulfilling this vision.

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YWCA Woman of the Year Nominee

Siham Amedy was nominated for Woman of the Year with YWCA Cass Clay in Moorhead, Minnesota in February, 2024.

About the award:

For over 50 years, YWCA has been highlighting inspiring women and organizations at YWCA’s Women of the Year event. They are leaders, mentors, visionaries, and heroes. These women have shaped the Fargo-Moorhead community through their passion, service, and significant achievements at this widely-celebrated event attended by 800+ people. 

About Siham:

Siham's journey toward this nomination has been nothing short of inspiring. During her time at Concordia, she was deeply involved in advocating for social justice issues, serving as a Commissioner for the Madison Elementary After School Program and leading discussions on genocide awareness. Her commitment to creating positive change continued after graduation, as she volunteered with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Moorhead's Adult Basic Education.

Since then, Siham has taken on leadership roles with Moorhead's Human Rights Commission and Inclusive Moorhead, where she tirelessly works to promote equity and empower marginalized communities. Her efforts extend beyond her professional roles, as she regularly volunteers her time to support new Americans, advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and educate others on voting processes and cultural differences.

Siham's impact is felt not only through her formal advocacy work but also through her genuine kindness and generosity. She embodies the values of inclusivity and empathy, inspiring those around her to strive for a more just and equitable society.

Siham's legacy is one of breaking down barriers and empowering others to do the same. She is a true champion of social justice, and we are incredibly proud to have her as part of our team. 

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Radical Change Award, Umoja 54

Megan Jenson was nominated for an award as part of Umoja 54 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration on Monday, January 16, 2023.

About the award:

The 54th anniversary of the death of Dr. King marks a continuation of our nation's commitment to equity, anti-poverty initiatives, and improved education.  In Swahili, umoja means unity, which represents the support required by the community in order to accomplish change. To commemorate and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this community event features a timeline of his life, legacy, and impact, along with performances by youth performers, speakers, singers, dancers, and poets.  As part of this event, three awards are given out, Radical Change, Sow a Seed and Centering Youth in Our Society, honoring individuals or organizations whose work extends the legacy of MLK Jr and uplift human rights.

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2022 Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce Splash Awards

Karen Pifher was awarded the Accelerator Award, which recognizes an individual who motivates their friends, colleagues, and community to get involved. 


This person is a dedicated volunteer, team-builder, and community collaborator. Karen has volunteered many hours for the community of Frazee. Her work to bring Cornerstone Community and Youth Center to life is years in the making. She gathers people together and leads them to action. Her dedication has helped spur change and has brought Frazee a Frisbee golf course, murals, and many outreach programs helping the residents and youth of the community. Dawn Duncan and Lee Kensinger were also finalists for the award.

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Keynote Speaker, Startup BREW

Emily Reno was a featured speaker at Startup Brew in Fargo in October 2022 for her work with Mezclada.

About StartUp Brew:

This event's mission is to learn, support, and inspire. This morning meetup is for entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives, and community members alike to come together and explore the entrepreneurial journey.


Emily was selected as a speaker for this weekly event in Fargo, which took place at Drekker Brewing in October 2022. She shared her founder story of Mezclada - an online learning platform that works to reduce the barriers to land and capital access for underserved farmers. This event is built on the notion that entrepreneurs do better when they have access to each other and the greater community that supports them. Entrepreneurship is energized over brews - coffee, tea, beer or others. Connection over coffee has been at the center of energizing our community, which is where the name StartupBREW came from. 

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Previous Recognition
Homelesscoalitionlogo_FM Homeless Coalition.webp

Excellence in Leadership Award, Fargo-Moorhead Coalition to End Homelessness

Megan Jenson, 2020

In 2020, Megan Jenson was awarded the Excellence in Leadership by the FM Coalition to End Homelessness for her leadership and commitment to the creation of the annual State of Homelessness Report.


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Moorhead Human Rights Award

Karen Pifher, 2022


The Moorhead Human Rights Commission awards individuals or organizations who have had positive impacts on human rights in the community, specifically in the areas of workplace, education, civic/community, non-profit or youth service. Those who receive the award have an “established integrity, creativity and commitment to principles and exhibit courage and perseverance in the area of human rights,” according to a release from the commission.

Karen Pifher was nominated for, and received, the Human Rights Award in 2022 in the Education category.


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